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Creating Effective Strategies for Family Enterprises

Family Enterprise Bridges, LLC is a firm focused on advising and providing strategic direction to build, develop, enhance, and execute initiatives within the family enterprise as well as strengthen bridges between its components.  

We strive to create alignment in collaboration with client families on why and how to grow into a multigenerational family enterprise and execute the future they want to co-create.

Offering Solutions for Family Businesses

Building a solid family legacy in an ever-changing environment requires skill, patience, and wisdom. Families bring a broad spectrum of personalities and needs to the table.

We advise family businesses, offices, and private foundations to become successful legacies. We'll facilitate the development of knowledgeable and capable members within multigenerational families and their enterprises.

Led by an Accomplished Executive

Our founder, Monica Walter, has been a business leader, family office executive, educator, and advisor for more than 30 years. She has collaborated with high-net-worth clients to develop strategies across diverse areas such as legacy planning, wealth education, and family governance.

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What We Do

  • Family Governance and Dynamics
  • Client Service and Relationship Management
  • Legacy and Continuity Planning
  • Family Meetings, Retreats, and Engagement
  • Customized Education and Development
  • Annual Client Meetings for Multiple Generations
  • Board Training for Multiple Generations
  • Onboarding Programs for Family and Employees
  • Prenuptial Counseling and Education
  • Team Building for Family and Employees
  • Investment Portfolio Management for Younger Generations
  • Investment Education Programs for Women Only
  • Philanthropy, Charitable and Annual Giving
  • Family Foundations
  • Mediation
  • Personal and Career Development
  • Personal and Family Insurance
  • Facilitate, Coach, Plan, and Support Execution

Talk to Our Consultants

We always provide a holistic approach in strategizing plans for family legacies.
Reach out to us at Family Enterprise Bridges, LLC, to learn more about what we offer.